Hello world!

Hi there o/

Following some encouragement I have decided to share my experience with the world. Who am I and why is my experience worth sharing?

Sem TítuloI’m Shimial, I am currently 28yo, I am 1,72m tall and 15 months ago I weighed 113kg with 51% body fat. I am not yet as healthy as I want to be, but I am getting there, for at the moment I weigh 77,5kg with 27,8% body fat. I do not have a personal trainer, I do not take diet pills nor any other kind of “weight loss supplements”. I decided to focus on health, not on weight, searched the Internet for information (it’s not just for cat videos, ya know 😉 ) and have slowly but surely introduced a lot of changes in my lifestyle. I was also enormously lucky to find an extraordinary team of group fitness instructors at the local gym who have guided me in so many ways.

In this blog I plan on sharing the videos, articles, info graphics, quotes, etc. which have in some way enlightened or inspired me, and I will also share some memories of my own. I am a very visual oriented person, so expect lots of images and gifs and stuff like that.

The point of creating this blog is to help more people have the tools they need to turn their life around.

So, welcome to “A Redesigned Mindset”!


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