Joining a gym

Armed with the first pieces of information I came to a dreadful conclusion: I could not escape exercise. Damn it! Curse the heavens! I dunwanna workout! -_-

That being the case, and with the 2005 horrible gym experience lurking in my mind, I started looking for a gym.
I quickly understood I wanted to take group fitness classes because the exercise room bores the hell out of me and I felt sure I would give up if I went down that path again. At the time I had a really time demanding job, which left me with virtually no time for myself, so the gym had to be open until late and on weekends too. I decided to look for a big gym, in the hopes of melting with the crowd, instead of a small neighbourhood gym where I was an unwelcomed eye-sore. Oh! And it couldn’t be expensive, because I’m kinda chronically broke 😛 All this factored in, I ended up joining the Portuguese Fitness Hut.

I am a “baby-steps” kind of person, and when choosing which fitness classes to take I did just that: baby-steps. At 113kg there wasn’t much I could handle, so I started by going to the gym 3x a week: 1 day dance class (cardio), 1 day Les Mills Body Balance (strength) and 1 day exercise room (training plan prescribed by a PT who did my 1st physical evaluation).

And in the beginning all was strange, and uncomfortable, and physically painful, and I felt awkward and horribly self-conscious surrounded by fit people. BUT I did not feel judged, which was all I asked for. Everyone was pretty much too busy minding their own business, and soon so was I.

I cannot overstate this: it was uncomfortable, REALLY uncomfortable. Not only every part of me jiggled and bounced, but I was too quickly out of breath, felt tremendously frustrated for not being able to keep up with the class and BBalance hurt as well because pretty much all my muscles had been laying dormant and were now beginning to wake up.
But dance and balance were FUN because of the fitness instructors, and that kept me coming back. I also started looking for some sort of mantras to keep in mind when I felt like stopping during classes, and here are some which I hope will help you as they have helped me:



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