And at 1st… it was blergh

Yep, yep… Natural food tastes really bland when your taste buds are used to being over stimulated by processed food. Even taking tiny baby steps towards healthy food, it is a serious adjustment. You cannot expect to successfully change life-long habits in a month or so, it’s a process and processes take time.

I was never on a diet, so if on a certain day the cravings were too strong or I just didn’t feel like resisting them, I didn’t. Most importantly I need to feel good, and having your mind going “candy, candy, candy, CAAAANNNDDDDYYYY” is the opposite of feeling good. Obviously I resisted sometimes, then often, then most of the times and then the cravings started to appear only seldom. Again: it’s a process. Sometimes you take steps forward, and sometimes you need to take a step back and readjust. I was never too hard on myself because I am on a journey towards health, not towards weight loss, and I never established a deadline. To me it’s not as much about the destination as it is about the road, and the road is made of all the changes I need to make.

Also, exercise was very helpful when it came to managing the cravings, since when I was distracted in fitness class and pumped up with endorphins afterwards, junk food was really the last thing on my mind. So I suggest you spend sometime considering the following sentences:



2 thoughts on “And at 1st… it was blergh

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