Nutritional Choices

Let me start by saying the following: it was SOOOOO much harder to make changes to my daily diet than it was adjusting to exercise. Even with the baby-steps approach it’s a very difficult thing to do.

15 months after I started my “process” I am still introducing alterations to my nutrition. Why is it taking so long? Because I introduce one change at a time, and don’t move on to the next one until I feel completely comfortable with it and feel like it’s truly part of my routine without the desire to go back.

I knew I had to start eating better, not less, and finding healthy alternatives which taste awesome (I don’t settle for good) but are also easy to make on my daily routine takes its time. Since I decided to focus on health, not on weight loss, I also decided to slowly, but surely, give up processed food and this means I never ever went for the “meal replacement bars” and alike.

We all know processed food is bad, but I for one didn’t know how much it completely F’s you up. Giving it up was/is a real challenge since, as it turned out, most of the “food” I was eating is highly processed (pizzas, cookies, chicken pies, lasagnes, you get the picture…). I did a lot of online research, read a ton of information on processed food, refined flour, sugar (I will dedicate a post just to sugar, later on), soft drinks, etc.  and though: damn…. no wonder I feel tired all the time, and my skin acts up, my hair falls off a lot, I tend to feel sad, and so many other things.

For starters, I found these 2 articles “9 Ways That Processed Foods Are Slowly Killing People” and “Food 101: Why Processed Food Is Bad For You” very helpful, since they pack-up a lot of “stepping-stone information” in an accessible language.

I will likely end up writing several posts about eating habits so, for now, I’ll just share these 2 “mantras”:

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