Love those endorphins ♡

They say “fall in love with the process and the results will come”, and in my case this became the truest of truths.

At first taking the fitness classes was hard, and by “at first” I mean the first couple of months. Yep, again: it’s a process and it takes time. The discomfort, the frustration, the soreness, it was all there. But you know what else was there? A great new feeling after fitness classes: I actually felt happy! I know you’re rolling your eyes at this, but it’s true. In the beginning I didn’t even notice it, I only realized it when others started pointing it out to me: “aren’t you cheerful today!”, “how many coffees did you drink already? You’re all hyped up”. And I was like “wut? dunno whatcha mean…”, but then I started paying attention to how I felt around the clock and made the golden connection: I always felt better after class.

I knew I would have fun during classes because I have awesome instructors, and that I would be rewarded afterwards, and that’s what I decided to focus on – Yes, what you focus on is a conscious decision – instead of the negative sensations which were also present. Even today, when I feel tired, sleepy or moody I make damn sure to drag myself to the gym, because I know I’ll leave feeling so much better than when I walked in.

Here’s some encouragement:
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2 thoughts on “Love those endorphins ♡

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