Supermarket strategies

Self-control around sugary foods is not really my strong suit. Very slowly – but surely – I have been reducing my sugar intake, but I have the feeling it will be a war I will never truly win, I’ll only win battles. 15 months after I’ve started this process I am MILES away from where I was, and have actually successfully introduced a lot more changes than I had ever dreamt I would. However, I still have a very soft spot for milk and white chocolate, and if anyone offers me any kind of desert I’m kinda powerless and can’t say no.
Eating a treat now and then is ok for most people, I guess. But in my case it means I’m taking several steps back, because on the days after I’ll feel cravings much more often and they’re stronger as well, so I have to go through that whole process again, which really isn’t nice. After Christmas it took me over a month to get back to where I was before Christmas, and I don’t really have to explain why, do I?

I tried the naive approach of “I’ll buy the chocolate now, just to have it around the house if I feel like it during the week”. AHAHAHAHAHAH, how about no? An hour or so after I get home from the supermarket the chocolate will be sitting comfortably in my stomach. My record was probably a couple of hours staying away from it. I simply cannot have sugary things in my house. Period. So this makes total sense to me:

And how did I manage it? In the beginning, before it became a habit going on second nature, when I went to the supermarket and saw aaaaaallll those junky foods available, and some of them even happened to have a discount (extra tempting!!), I kept in mind what they did to my organs, to my metabolism, to my brain. I never gave a damn if they’re high in calories, that doesn’t matter to me. I no longer need this strategy, but in the beginning it saved me from a lot of mistakes. Also, another thing that really helped: I went to the supermarket AFTER meals, so this didn’t happen:61f9b9ecc75e83c18fdf1cec6f7079fbIt may sound silly, I know, but it’s effective. If I go to the supermarket hungry I’ll end up – unconsciously – putting a LOT more food in my cart than I actually need, and among that food will be junk, no doubt.
Even today I avoid walking by the chocolate/gummies aisle: out of sight, out of mind. I don’t feel the need to put myself to the test so see if I can resist the temptation, I simply avoid it.


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