One healthy loop

I used to look at fit people and think “what the hell is in those protein shakes?! They’re always in a such good mood! It must be some sort of drug…”. We all know healthy people are usually cheerful, and happy, and positive, and all those things which tend to be seriously annoying to those of us couch surfing our days away. I used to question how they managed to stay perky all day, every day…and now I know the answer: it’s a combination of proper nutrition and exercising – no drugs! (lol) – One thing leads to the other and so on, in a beautifully aligned loop.

Everything works together. Exercise doesn’t do much on its own (you can exercise your heart out, but if you eat like crap you’re pretty much like a hamster on a wheel: not going anywhere) and if you just diet you are merely changing your weight, not your body. BUT If you put proper nourishment together with the endorphins and strength exercise provides, “magic” happens.

If, like me, you are on the road to health, I suggest you take a good look at the following picture:

I have talked about how exercise makes you feel (on my Love those endorphins ♡ post), and how processed food truly harms your body (on my Nutritional Choices post) and now I suggest you read this article:

You Are What You Eat: How Your Diet Effects Your Emotions

and in a very shortened way, the moral of the article is:


If you consistently exercise and work your way into optimum nutrition (I’m still baby-stepping my way into that, no drastic dietary changes for me, no, no, no!) everything falls into step, truly! I have experienced it first hand. When you feel good from exercising you don’t go for the junk food, and when you don’t go for the junk food you don’t feel as sluggish so you’re more likely to go to the gym, and so on. Obviously things take TIME, nothing happens overnight, nothing is easy at first, but it’s worth the effort.


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