(Other) Things that happen

After my last post about “things that happen” when you start getting into shape, I found myself thinking about OTHER things that happen. From my experience you can also expect the following:

-You’ll feel cold ALL THE TIME. I used to brave the winter months with little more than a sweater and a coat and now even during Spring and Summer nights I need at least a light jacket. I had never been this cold in my life, but then again, I had always had on my very own insulation bodysuit made out of fat.

– You’ll spend soooooo much money on clothes, especially if you’re a girl. I had no idea how seriously expensive it would be. Say goodbye to your favourite t-shirt or cardigan or whatever, for it will no longer fit and at some point even the seamstress won’t be able to help you with it. So you’ll need to buy clothes, but not just once, for as your volume loss progresses you’ll need to keep on buying / tailoring clothes so that you don’t feel like you’re wearing a tent all the time. Also, you’ll spend a lot of money on gym clothes and bras.

– Which brings me to: You’ll see your boobs disappear like it’s an act of magic. They shrink, and fast. And if, like me, you have always been a big breasted lady, be prepared for some emotional/identity readjustment.



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