Exercise & Confidence

I want to start by sharing an article listing 10 ways in which
Exercise Boosts Confidence

And now you roll your eyes and cynically say “yeah… suuuurreeee…”. So I’ll try to show you it’s true by sharing part of my experience.

Like I mentioned on my Joining a gym post I didn’t feel judged at the Fitness Hut. However I did get the occasional side look or disgusted expression from some girls – never from guys –  and I am pretty sure they laughed with their friends about the fat girl struggling and failing to do simple exercises.
I am a true born introvert, who was in a new environment, and didn’t know anyone, so I was extra self-concious and extra-timid. However, I soon realized that the more I went to the gym, the more my natural reaction to haters was something like this (smug smile included):

And that’s what lead me to look up if there was any connection between exercise and confidence, and yup… there definitely is. But by all means, don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself.


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