Nutritional Choices (Part 2)

I believe the Nutritional Choices post needs a follow-up. As you may remember, on that post I explained that I decided to, slowly but surely, give up processed food. I also shared 2 articles explaining how processed food affects your organism.

As you may already know, I opted to focus on health, not on weight loss. To acquire the tools which would allow me to eat as healthily as possible I looked up information on the topic. Besides the obvious no-no’s like fast food, soft drinks, frozen meals, etc, I quickly understood that I didn’t want to eat the “diet-ish” food products either.
As an example, he’s an article on 15 “Health Foods” That Are Really Junk Foods in Disguise

Also, I learned that there’s a huge difference between food and food-like products. You can look up Michael Pollan’s teachings both on google and on youtube, but for a quick and clear explanation on the difference, I would like to share another blogger’s post called: Food versus the Food-like Product

And just so I don’t leave you “imageless” today, here’s something to keep in mind:


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