Gym Clothes

I read several words of advice saying that you should chose your workout clothes carefully, that they should be something you want to wear and feel great in, and not the baggy old clothes you had in the back of the closet. Because if anything else fails, you’ll always have the motivation of “I’ll only get to wear that great piece of clothing if I go workout”, moreover, if you feel like couch surfing, you can put on your favourite gym clothes and the will to move will come.

Well, with that in mind I started building a “gym wardrobe”, made up of nerdy t-shirts (dinossaurs, nyan cat, cookie monster, and the like). And, yes, the words of advice were right. In my experience feeling awesome in your workout clothes – whichever your definition of awesome is – is an extra boost, even if when you’re already willingly heading to the gym. Which means I kept on buying t-shirts…. and I quickly found myself in this situation:

However, I also had the perfect excuse to buy more! Muwahahaha :3  When you go to the gym regularly you end up with toooonnnsss of dirty laundry, and during the winter months it’s hard to have them ready on time, so you have to have more gym clothes, right? RIGHT?!? My laundry looks something like this:

However, don’t get too attached. I’ve had my heart broken several times because as I’ve lost volume most of my t-shirts have become uncomfortably baggy, and I can’t wear them anymore *sob*. But I look on the bright side: I get to buy new, nerdier, ones!


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