Finding the right workout

I strongly believe I have been successful in my journey towards health because I ended up loving exercise. If a year ago you had told me “You’ll attend a 2 hours body combat challenge and love it” I would have loled in your face, or “You’ll take the 7:15am RPM class” I would probably have you committed to a mental asylum. I used to be a serious couch surfer and would frown and rant at any activity which required me to move more than usual.

Like I said on my post about Changing Focus I found the right kind of exercise for me. Which was fitness classes, for other people is crossfit, for others is a specific sport like basketball, whatever, as long as people enjoy themselves while exercising, it works! There are so many different options, at least one is sure to be a match! One just has to do some online research and then give them a try.

Since I can only speak for myself, here’s what works for me, with a sizzler for each of the classes:

Les Mills Body Combat   – I have to admit, I love this, like love-love. Totally unexpected, but it was love at first try. And on my first class – only 30m – I honestly thought I was going to die. I mean it! I strongly believed I would either have a heart attack, or an asthma attack. Either way, I thought would end up in the emergency room or at the morgue. But I didn’t and kept coming back.

Les Mills CxWorx – I was only “brave” enough to try this after a couple of months at the gym, because it really challenges your core and I knew I couldn’t handle it, yet. At first I hated the resistance tube. I just wanted to throw it on the ground and jump on it with both feed, how dare that insignificant thing make things SOO difficult?! But I’ve come to terms with it and have even levelled up to a stronger tube *yay*

Les Mills Body Balance – This was the 1st class I tried, so it’s the one I’ve been taking the longest. DO NOT BE DECEIVED by it’s chill vibe and slowness of movements, it’s a workout, and a full body one.

I also take Les Mills RPM, but I think those classes are too dependent on the instructor. Also, I’m aware that I only enjoy it because in the meanwhile I have ended up loving the burn and the challenge, otherwise I would probably have found them boring.

Take this opportunity to, at least, glance through all the Les Mills Fitness Classes, perhaps you’ll find something you’ll like. Whichever class you choose give it an honest try. By that I mean take the fitness class all the way to the end – I see too many people giving up half way through the class – and take the class at least 3 or 4 times. Why? During the first couple of classes you’ll always, always, feel lost, inapt, frustrated and it takes some time before you’re able to start keeping up and enjoying it.

I can only encourage people to REALLY take the time to find the right exercise for them. Try several things, some of them may surprise you. Trust me, enjoying your workout truly makes a difference.


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