Refined flour isn’t cool

As I’ve said on a previous post, before I started looking for information on my own, I only knew what the common sense says, and it only tells you to stay away from carbs because they “make you fat”. It doesn’t tell you 1-that not all carbs are the same (a calorie is not a calorie, remember?) and 2-that refined flour produces other – much more important – negative reactions in your body.

After my baby-steps approach, at this point I hardly ever eat food products which contain refined flour. And no, it’s not because they “make you fat”, I don’t care about that,it’s because of effects like the ones you can read about on the following article:

Seven Negative Effects of Refined Flour

After reading it you may think: Refined flour isn’t cool, at all. But now what? What do I eat??
Well, fortunately nature provides plenty of options that actually pack a lot more flavour than pasta, not to mention nutritional value. Such as: sweet potatoes, chickpeas, kidney beans, spinach, black eyed peas, broccoli, black beans, carrots, pumpkin, cauliflower, all other types of beans, all other vegetables, I could really go on, but you get the picture.
Just look for recipes online, I was amazed at how much awesome tasting variety I had been missing out on. For alternatives to white bread/cookies you can, for example, take a look at my Recipe x 3 post.

Final thought: I’m not a radical, and I’m not too strict, but this is currently one of my mantras when choosing what to eat:



3 thoughts on “Refined flour isn’t cool

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