Side effects of being overweight

I want to recover the article I shared on my second post.

Crushed lungs, strained joints and a swollen heart – the extraordinary scans that reveal what being fat does to you

As you can see on the scans, and read on that news piece, excess weight is no laughing matter. From my point of view the unaesthetic component is truly the least important side-effect. However, we as a society choose to focus on the “looking bad” side instead of “feeling bad” side.

Allow me to share some of the “feeling bad” elements of being overweight or, in my case, obese.
Chronic back pain. Everyday, all day. Some days worse than others, but ever present.
Swollen, painful, ankles. Especially in the summer, or if I stood up for too long.
Frequent migraines. No, not headaches, migraines.
Lack of balance. If I tripped, I fell, the end. I also had to sit down to put my shoes on, for example.
Joint grinding. When I got up in the morning you would think I was an old gate in serious need of some WD40.
Insomnia. Frequently staying up looking at the ceiling until the late hours.
Lethargy. Most of the times I didn’t feel like moving, at all. Didn’t have the energy to do anything other than couch surfing.
Excessive sweating. Simple everyday things, like changing the bed sheets, got me sweating.
Breathlessness. A single flight of stairs left me breathless and with my heart rate going through the roof.

I felt all these things, and many others, daily. Saying that being overweight is uncomfortable is an understatement.

Becoming healthy is a lengthy process, truthfully, and not an easy one.
Reaching 113kg, like I did, means you need to completely readjust your lifestyle: dietary habits & exercising. There were so many changes to introduce that I couldn’t do it in any other way than by baby-steps, and that takes plenty of time.

It’s also a rocky process.
Before new behaviours become habits, it’s human nature to drift back to the comfort zone, which means a lot of setbacks are to be expected. But setbacks are not defeats, they are opportunities to learn and restart.

But It’s SOOOO worth it.
I’m not eloquent enough to express how much better I feel, and I’m not even at the end of my journey.
I believe everyone needs to keep in mind that it’s a process, which takes time. One doesn’t gain excess fat overnight, so it also won’t go away overnight. My advice would be to: be patient, appreciate the road, don’t fuss too much about the destination, and enjoy the little changes you start to FEEL – not see – on your body and mind.

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