The feeling of belonging

I can’t quite pin point when the switch happened, because I only realized it recently, but for a while now I feel like I belong at the gym. This may seem irrelevant, but to me it truly isn’t, because I used to avoid gyms like the plague.

Like with most people, when I started going to the gym there was a strong feeling of strangeness. Strange people, strange machines, strange grunting sounds from the weightlifters, strange music (the music played at the gym is a long stretch away from what I usually listen to), strange locker-rooms, strange equipment… strange everything.

I looked in awe at the regular class goers, executing the fitness classes with precision, fluidity and a touch of effortlessness. Useless to say I was the precise opposite.

Fighting the discomfort, on I went. Regularly attending and struggling on until the end of each class. After a while people started greeting me, from the security guards, to the instructors, and even the regular class goers who I admired. I grew accustomed to the movements, to the equipment and to the overall gym ambiance. The regular class goers and the instructors started talking to me, inviting me to events, and I ended up engulfed in the overall group of friends.

As I’ve talked about before, I ended up enjoying working out, and look at gym time as a high point of my day. Feeling welcomed, being cheerfully smiled at and greeted by everyone who works there and knowing I’ll get to catch up with my buddies plays a major role in feeling like the gym is a second home. This, in turn, gives me the confidence to try different things, to push harder, because I truly feel the support of my peers. The gym became the place where I overcome my limits, where I socialize, where I get my fix of endorphins,etc. In short: it became a place where I WANT to go.

And here’s a, very truthful, revelation:

fit people

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