Strength training is your friend

Fellow women, for your own sake, please add strength training to your workout routine. Really.

Since the beginning I’ve included light strength training with Body Balance, later on, when I felt I could handle it, I added CxWorx, and 4 months ago I’ve also added Body Pump to my workout routine. As I’ve done with everything else, slowly but surely I’ve increased intensity.


7 Reasons to Add Strength Training to Your Workout Routine

Other than the “official” reasons, there’s another one: I cannot describe how amazing it feels to be strong. If you want to leap, to pick things up, to pick yourself up, anything, your body simply responds. Quickly, effortlessly and efficiently your body does what you tell it to. It may sound silly, but it truly makes me feel empowered and independent, and I’m not even “strong-strong”, I’m just strong-ish.

The fear of becoming bulky never made any sense to me. Do people think muscles grow overnight or something? Are they not aware that it takes rigorous discipline when it comes to eating habits and workout routine? That it takes a ton of hard work and dedication? No, you will not become bulky, unless you really want that and strive for it.




What makes muscles grow?

Knowledge is power, knowledge should be accessible and shared.

I’m a huge fan o TED-Ed, for I completely understand the lesson without feeling stupid. Hoping you’ll feel the same, here’s a lesson on “What makes muscles grow?”

Tuesday Thought

Acknowledge and appreciate your progress, but don’t let it come to a halt. You can always learn something new to improve your eating habits, you can always improve your technique during your workout.


As Daft Punk would say “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Our work is never over.”