Status Update

Following up on my first post “Hello World“, I would like to share that I’ve measured myself recently.

In March 2014, I weighed 113kg with 51% body fat. In July 2015, I weighed 77,5kg with 27,8% body fat. Today, I weigh 64,8kg with 21,3% body fat.
This means I have lost 30% body fat and 48kg in 2 years.

As you can see, stepping on a scale is not something I regularly do. From my point of view the changes I introduce in my lifestyle and how I feel are the most important things. Nevertheless, I find it good to check from time to time how my body is reacting to those changes (if you follow this blog, you already know that: No, I did not “diet”. No, I did not starve. No, I did not take any supplements. Instead, I introduced informed long-term lifestyle changes).

I’m glad to see expressed in numbers what I already knew in so many other ways: I’m on the right track 🙂


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