Best drink EVAH

Several studies have shown that most of us simply do not drink enough water to stay hydrated. Water is the best drink you can have and when our body doesn’t get enough of it, it has to manage what is available and impair certain functions to make the supply go round. This means chronic dehydration affects us in a multitude of ways.

After looking for information on the subject, I realized I clearly (used to) fit the symptoms of chronic dehydration, but before I read about it I had no idea that what I felt were consequences of the lack of water in my body. As I’ve already shared, giving up soft drinks was a real struggle, but a successful one, and I’m not a fan of alcohol either so (for a couple of months now) the only thing I drink is water, plenty of it, and sometimes freshly brewed herbal tea. I am happy to share that this was quite possibly the change which had the strongest impact on my overall well-being.

I won’t say much more because there’s plenty to read on the article below about the body’s many cries for water. Trust me: you’ll be surprised. And no, your body doesn’t deed fluids, it needs water.

12 Symptoms of Chronic Dehydration

And you should also check out the complete version of the infographic below.

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Soft drinks = ☠

I strongly believe that information is power. I can obviously only speak for myself, but information was the main trigger – and main long-term motivation – for most changes I have been introducing in my life.
Like I said on my Bye Bye Soft Drinks post I was severely addicted to Iced Tea. Hearing people say I shouldn’t drink it “because it’s bad for you” was too abstract for me, and consequently too easy to dismiss. When I began to understand HOW soft drinks completely mess you up, I couldn’t play it cool any more. I knew it would be emotionally brutal, but I had to remove soft drinks from my life. It took me over 6 months to completely wean myself off it, and I had to take many steps back before I finally succeeded, but I believe it was worth it.

There is a TON of information online on each of the many ways soft drinks are harmful for you. You can, for example, start with the What Happens One Hour After Drinking a Can of Coke article. Since it has links to other follow-up articles, you can take the opportunity and read on.

For a quick and simplified overlook check out the following Infographic (you can click on it to enlarge):


Weight ≠ Fat

Still on Step 1: Knowledge is Power, here’s some other key information: weight loss is not the same as fat loss. And at the time this was news to me.
I had learned, as most people do, through mainstream media that we must lose weight, period. That the kg on the scale is all that matters. But as it turns out, total weight is not really the most important thing. Body fat and muscle mass percentage matter a whole lot more.

Here’s an infographic for you!

weight vs fatYou can find the complete infographic here but keep in mind not to take things literally (for example the “track your body fat every 2 weeks”)

And another thing, as it turns out you can lose fat / volume, but actually gain weight if you are developing muscle mass, becaaaauuuuseeeee: